Queen Hekima lives in Africa. She is married to King Balthazar. She loves studying the stars in the sky. She paints them every night. 

She knew she must follow the star to meet the newborn king, and she had a sense that this king would be different than any other king.

For this reason she chose the gift of gold. Perhaps the star meant the newborn king's riches were in heaven, and not on earth.


Queen Sophia lives in Europe. She is married to King Caspar. She loves to read. She has a huge library with books and scrolls. 

She read through books and scrolls to learn about the prophecy of the star. From this research she concluded that frankincense would be the perfect gift to give.


Queen Mingzhi lives in Asia. She is married to King Melchior. She loves nature. She has a huge garden where she grows exotic plants and flowers.

Queen Mingzhi and King Melchior are the oldest of the kings and queens, and knew much about the prophecy of the star - both written and unwritten.

She picked the gift of myrrh, a rare and valuable spice, from her exotic garden.