Queen Cake

My mom has taught the 4 year olds Sunday school class at her church for over 40 years. One of her favorite traditions is to make a king cake for Epiphany Sunday. The recipe is very simple, and the 4 year olds love it! We made a few changes to make it a Queen Cake. Thanks to my daughter for taking the pictures of the cake, and for inspiring the story of the Three Wise Queens, of course!


  • 2 Pillsbury Cinammon Rolls
  • Craisins
  • Golden Raisins
  • Gold Cupcake Glitter
  • Jelly Beans

Building the Cake

Slice the rolls and arrange in a circle. Add a surprise under one. We tried to options: a "star" of golden raisins and a jellybean.


Bake and Decorate

Follow the baking instructions on the Pillsbury rolls. In our case, we baked the ring of rolls on a greased baking sheet for 14 minutes at 350 degrees.

When cooked, add the frosting that comes with the rolls.


Shake on the gold glitter.

Gold glitter sprinkled over the frosting

Gold glitter sprinkled over the frosting

Add fruit to the top of each roll, alternating between craisins and golden raisins. Now it looks like a crown! The person who selects the piece with the surprise underneath is the winner!